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The textile sector was present in Emitex

12 Apr 2017

The new edition of the exhibition that gathered businessmen and professionals had design and technology as main players.


Emitex is positioned as the great annual event that gathers Argentina's textile and garment industry suppliers.  

The fair took place on April 4, 5 and 7 in Centro Costa Salguero of Buenos Aires. 75 national exhibitors and 20 international exhibitors from Brazil; Colombia; United States and China took part in it, thus there were a total of 95 representative companies of the sector.  

These firms exhibited their products and services to 8,322 local and foreign visitors, coming from countries such as: Argentina; Bolivia; Brazil; Chile; China; Colombia; Ecuador; Guatemala; Mexico; Paraguay; Taiwan; United States and Uruguay.  

The figures show the importance that businessmen give to the search of new business opportunities. According to Fundación ProTejer data, in Argentina the sector is made up by 20,000 textile and garment companies and employs directly 450,000 workers.  

Though in 2016 we observed a decrease in internal consumption level, it is important to highlight that between 2002 and 2015, almost US$3,500 million dollars were invested in the modernization and extension of the production capacity that in the last years set an investment record in flat and circular looms, thus tripling production.  

Other important data to highlight is that 17% of production is exported to more than 120 countries.

“Though quite a difficult year has begun, we have an industry that knows how to adapt and how to be more competitive and complement itself, thus reaching distinction through design. We should adapt to this new scenario and work side by side for the sector to keep growing”

“Emitex is the only exhibition for the textile industry in Argentina. This year, 95 exhibitors took part of it in three different areas: spreading and digital printing machinery; yarns and fabrics, and trims and services. We had lots of machines that are new worldwide but, at the same time, this exhibition shows the excellent quality that Argentine products have"

During the three days of the fair, several proposals were developed with the aim of giving training and professional updating. Important specialists and exhibiting companies offered conferences on integral quality in the garment industry, technological innovations on swimsuits and sports clothing, laser cutting and engraving, textile vinyl application, among others.

Latest launchings 

The introduction of new technologies is a constant in the whole industry that seeks to renew itself and be competitive. This year Emitex had the participation of important brands that offered state-ofthe-art products and services for sublimation printing and digital printing, as well as automatic cutting machines that have been recently launched in the market and, for the first time, were exhibited in Emitex.  

These new technologies are generating important changes in the market and new business opportunities.

Areas for learning, innovation and creativity   

Another important place within the exhibition was devoted to design as a differentiation tool in the management, production, commercialization and communication of textile industry. Under the slogan “Design Sells”, Emitex dedicated a special area called Design Point- to five studies of Argentine original print designers. Professionals exhibited their productions as well as the tools used in the process. Besides, they were in charge of designing the Emitex's 2019 image. 

Design the Future was the area where students of Textile Design and Garment School of University of Buenos Aires were given the opportunity to present their own pieces of design, exhibiting the potential of a whole generation of new designers. 

The main players’ word 

The exhibiting companies assessed their participation in the fair. These are some of the statements regarding their experience: 

“We have participated in Emitex for more than ten years. For the brand, this exhibition is the annual meeting with all the market customers […] It is a great opportunity to see all of them together and launch new products, as well as being visited by prospects. It is a very important event and, therefore, we will participate again in Emitex.”

[…] “To take part in Emitex is very important for us, because it not only represents the possibility of showing all our technological developments, our products […] but it also enables us to position the company within such an important market as the Argentine textile market. […] We have the expectation of going on positioning Texcom as a brand sustainably […] strengthening the relationship with the customer that already know us and that the new customers or prospects see all that this company can offer them […]. We will participate in the exhibition. This came to stay.”

“The company has participated in Emitex for several years. We were not present in the previous edition, but in this 2017 edition we decided to trust again and with very good results, we are very pleased. Emitex is a good opportunity to be in contact with the market, seek prospects, see the competition, talk to industry colleagues, and all in a very pleasant environment. The profile of the customers who visit the booth is very varied, we have from students, people from the interior of the country, manufacturers of small workshops, great garment manufacturers […] Of course we will take part in the next edition, and it is a good opportunity to be in contact with colleagues and people from the industry."

“We have taken part in Emitex since 2012, and we go on participating to show the new technologies of the textile digital industry. This is the opportunity to offer new products and equipment. People are interested in seeing the latest machines used worldwide and the new printing methods. We have very good expectations regarding the generation of sales and business. We receive visitors that are small industrialists, workshops, and other profile of a visitor who seeks the printing service […]”

“We have participated in Emitex for approximately fourteen years. For us it means to generate loyalty among customers and get new ones […] As we are opening a new business unit, we know that people know our products. […] We will surely take part once again in Emitex, because we see that we benefit from it”.

“For us Emitex is a reference to approach more massively our customers and companies of the textile industry. […] We know that is an “intense” moment in our country, but we see that there is an answer, willingness to grow and go on adding technology […] I have found a more business profile, large and medium garment companies seeking innovation, interested in finding new tools and products that we present to you today […]”.

The next edition of Emitex, the International Trade Fair of Suppliers for the Garment Industry, will take place from April 10 to 13, 2018 in Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will be held simultaneously with Simatex, the International Trade Fair of Textile Machinery, and Confemaq, the International Trade Fair of Garment Machinery. 

Further information:   
Twitter: @Emitex2017

Event exclusively planned for businessman and professionals of the sector.  People under 16 years even attending with an adult or carrying baby stroller will not be admitted. 

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