Instructional videos

5 spots of approximately 2 minutes each with very useful information to plan your participation in Emitex. 

Watch them now!

Also share them with all the people involved in the event.

Please, take into account they are only in Spanish.


A general view about how to approach your presence in the exhibition.

Pre-exhibition 1

Practical suggestion related to the organization, budget, aims, exhibitor’s manual, booth, product exhibition and more. 

Pre-exhibition 2

Suggestions related to the company image, human resources that will help visitors, diffusion of participation and full preparation of the booth.


Important tips for when the event is underway. Booth layout, verbal and non-verbal communication, social networks, daily assessments. 


The event closing opens new paths. Time to assess, thank, prepare data bases and promote business generated during these days.

Contact the Exhibitor’s Service Team

Do you have any query? Do not hesitate to ask us.

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